Turn it up

From the book “That Ain’t No Deal!” by Charlie Parkerson:

Turn-It-UpCan you control the energy level in your business or organization? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just dial up the passion and enthusiasm? Well, guess what? You can. Okay, maybe you don’t have direct control over every other person on your team, but you do have total control over yourself. You can decide how much energy you bring with you to work every single day.

You’ll find that energy, like electricity, flows. It doesn’t stand still. It starts a chain reaction. Positive or negative, your attitude is contagious; it will spread to those around you. Show up in the morning pumped up and brimming with positive energy, and everyone you come in contact with will be affected. Attitude changes everything.

How do you bring energy? It’s not always obvious how best to go about turning up the passion and energy. First, you can’t fake it. Insincere enthusiasm is for televangelists. Be genuine. Tricks and manipulations are for losers.

Get excited. It’s okay to shout a little and to jump up and down. Passion has a hard time sitting still. Move! And do it quickly, too. Energized people run or dance or skip; they don’t stroll.

No complaining. I’m not big on rules, but you need to silence the complainers. Shut them down. You’re at war with negative energy, whether you realize it or not.

Get close. Others can’t see, hear or feel your passion quite as well at a distance. Keep your team close. Stay tight. Turn it up!

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