Just a pretty face?

rose-by-mucha-drawShe’s been lying to you. She’s not who she appears to be. How well do you really know her?

What’s the nature of your relationship? Are you lovers or just old friends? Intimate roommates or simply friendly neighbors? Well, no matter. It doesn’t change the truth. She has deceived you.

Didn’t you always suspect she was hiding secrets behind that sweet face of hers? Sure, she’s pretty. I’ll give you that. She’s downright gorgeous, really. But it’s all a façade, a lovely illusion.

There’s a lot more going on.

She distracts you. She flashes her beauty, and you’re dazzled, misled by a false immodesty. Intoxicated, enchanted, you miss what’s happening under the surface.

She is far more than just a pretty face. Do you know what she’s up to when you’re not looking?

Okay, don’t panic. She doesn’t hate you. She’s not betraying you. She’s not evil. In fact, it appears that everything she’s been doing—and it’s a whole lot—is really good stuff. Like “save the world” type of stuff.

Are you ready for this? She’s kind of a superhero—like the mild-mannered reporter nobody suspects is also the guy flying around in a cape, or the ditzy fashion-model who’s actually a devilishly shrewd secret agent.

She has these mysterious—I don’t know what to call them—abilities? Powers? I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. You haven’t noticed because she’s hidden them extremely well, in plain sight.

What? No, I’m not talking about the girl. I’m talking about the plants. This is a book about their hidden powers and the amazing things they do when we aren’t looking.

This is a book I am writing about plants, which presents us—straightaway—with two big problems.

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